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Assignments for G Suite Teachers

User: G Suite Teachers

Creating Assignments

Teachers must have classes in JoeZoo before creating an assignment. To add classes, teachers can refer to the User Guide for G Suite Teachers.

If teachers have already synced Google Classroom or manually created classes, they can access the assignments section and create assignments using the following steps: 
  1. Sign into the JoeZoo web app at
  2. Click “Classes” at the top of the top navigation bar
  3. Select the class where the assignment is located Click the “Assignments” tab under the class name
  4. Choose Option A or Option B below to access or create assignments.

Option A: Import Assignments from Google Classroom

To access your Google Classroom assignments in the JoeZoo web app, assignments should automatically sync in JoeZoo. Teachers who cannot see assignments from Google Classroom can use the following steps. 
  1. Click “”Sync Google Classroom”

Option B: Create Assignments in JoeZoo

Teachers who do not use Google Classroom or choose not to sync it with JoeZoo can use the following steps:
  1. From the Assignments page, click “Build Assignment”
  2. Fill out the fields in the Assignment Builder (Assignments must be configured before they are graded/assessed, so proceed to section immediately below for details on how to configure assignments in JoeZoo)

Configuring Assignments

Before assessing an assignment, teachers must configure the assignment they have either synced from Google Classroom or created in the JoeZoo web app. A yellow status bar at the bottom of an assignment tile will serve as a reminder for teachers to configure their assignment. Teachers will save time by configuring assignments before they are assessed, eliminating the number of manual steps and ensuring assignments do not have to be re-assessed. 

Teachers can use the following steps to configure assignments in the JoeZoo App:
  1. If you are on the Assignment Builder page, skip to step 5 
  2. Click “Classes” and select the class where the assignment is located
  3. Click the “Assignments” tab and select the assignment you want to edit
  4. Click the “Edit” pencil icon under the assignment’s name
  5. Use the Assignment Builder menu on the left to navigate and edit the following assignment components on JoeZoo

Assignment Components 


Enter a name for the assignment and the subject (optional), then click “Save” at the bottom.

Length Goal (Optional)

Enter a length goal for number of words, sentences, and/or paragraphs. Click “Save” if you filled out a goal or use the Assignment Builder menu to move to the next assignment component if there is not a length goal.

Readability Level (Optional)

Enter in the average age of students in your class. JoeZoo will analyze each student’s work to Grade Level standards using the Dale–Chall readability scale.

Originality Checker

This feature allows JoeZoo to scan all student work within a Google Classroom folder to identify which students may have copied work from a classmate.

Teacher Monkey Checker

Configure your Monkey Checker by clicking into a specific error to edit it. Remove errors by dragging an error from the Monkey Checker to the bottom section labelled “Removed Errors”. When teachers use the Monkey Checker to scan students’ work, only remaining errors will be highlighted.

Student Monkey Checker

Configure students’ Monkey Checkers by removing errors. When students use the Monkey Checker in their assignment in Google Docs, only remaining errors in the Monkey Checker will be highlighted for them.
 Customizing the Student Monkey Checker allows students to focus on what they need to at their grade level.

Student Comment Set

Select the comment set in which you want students to use for self or peer assessment. The selected comment set will be accessible in students’ JoeZoo Express add-on. 

Grading Rubric

Selecting a rubric will distribute the rubric to you and all of your students in the JoeZoo Express add-on. You and your students can instantly click into a Google Doc and start grading with the rubric using JoeZoo Express.

Exit Builder

This will navigate to the assignment dashboard.

Assignment Dashboard

The Assignment Dashboard shows teachers an interactive Comment Cloud of all the comments they've added to student docs and a chart that shows all the Grades that have been given to students in that class. Teachers can also download feedback and grading data from the Assignment Dashboard.

Teachers can use the following steps to view the Assignment Dashboard:
  1. Sign into the JoeZoo web app at
  2. Click the “Classes” tab, located at the upper left of the top navigation bar
  3. Select a class tile, which will navigate to the Class page
  4. Click the "Assignments" tab
  5. Click an assignment tile, this will navigate to its dashboard

Exporting Grades

To make it easy for teachers to download feedback and grading data from JoeZoo, we've included an 'export' icon at the top of each Assignment page. 

Teachers can simply click the icon and all of the assignment's data will be saved to the teacher's Google Drive as a Google Sheets file.

Comment Cloud

Teachers give students a lot of feedback, but traditional assessment apps make it nearly impossible for a teacher to know which comments they gave most often and to which students. 

JoeZoo keeps track of every comment a teacher adds to each student doc and generates an interactive Comment Cloud for the entire class. 

The larger the comment in the cloud, the greater the number of times the teacher gave it during the assignment. Since comments are usually feedback about student competencies, teachers can use the size of each comment in the cloud to determine which competencies might need additional instruction.

Teachers can click on any comment in the cloud to see to which students they gave the feedback, how many times and what proportion of the comments were complimentary versus corrective.

Grades Chart

JoeZoo is designed to make grading fast and easy for teachers, and we do that by eliminating a lot of the manual steps in traditional grading methods.

With traditional grading methods, it is nearly impossible for teachers to know if they have graded the whole class, what grades they gave most frequently and to which students. But JoeZoo makes it easy.

With the Grades Chart, teachers can see whether they have graded all the students in a class or which ones they still need to grade.  Additionally they'll be able to see all the grades they've given and if they click on a bar in the chart it will show to which students that particular grade was given.

Assignment Submissions

The 'Submissions' tab provides teachers a list view of all students in the class and information about if an assignment was assessed and/or when the assignment was last assessed.  

Each student record has a button that helps teachers to open each student's doc in Google Docs and to navigate to all captured Doc Versions with their insights about how each student engaged feedback.

Open Doc

Teachers can click the "Open Doc" button to navigate to a student's Google Doc assignment.

View Doc Versions

Teachers can click the "View Doc Versions" button to view all of the versions (drafts) of a student's Google Doc assignment. 

Change Doc

Teachers who do not sync Google Classroom to JoeZoo can click the "Change Doc" button to re-assign a Google Doc assignment to a student. 

Grading Assignments

Once teachers have created and configured their assignment, the assignment is ready to be assessed by students and/or teachers in JoeZoo Express. Teachers can begin reviewing and grading student assignments using the JoeZoo Express Add-on in Google Docs at any point of their students’ journey. Teachers who would like to learn more about how to provide feedback and grade assignments can use this resource.

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