Schoology FAQ: What if the grades in the Schoology Gradebook do not match the grades in the JoeZoo App?

Schoology FAQ: What if the grades in the Schoology Gradebook do not match the grades in the JoeZoo App?

User: Schoology Teachers and Students

Students and teachers who see different grades in the Gradebook in Schoology than the grades in the JoeZoo App can fix this easily. When assignments are graded using the JoeZoo App, grades are automatically synced to the Schoology Gradebook. If grades are edited at a later time, they must be changed in the JoeZoo App (where grading initially happened) for the updated grades to reflect in the Schoology Gradebook. 

Teachers can fix a grade discrepancy using the following steps:
  1. Click "Review" to the right of a student's submission status in the Assignment List
  2. Click anywhere on the rubric bar under the student's name to drop down the scale or rubric
  3. Edit the grades and/or final comment
  4. Click "Save" 
  5. Review the Schoology Gradebook to ensure the grade has updated 

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