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Best Practices for G Suite Teachers

User: G Suite Teachers

Recommended Workflow

Once teachers have read through the User Guide for G Suite Teachers and are now ready to start assessing with JoeZoo, they can follow the steps below that all JoeZoo Teachers use to ensure a successful, time-saving assessment journey.

Before Assessment

Before the assessment of student work begins, there are four simple steps to complete. Teachers are recommended to use the following steps:

1. Create or Import Rubric

This step allows teachers to follow the common backward design approach to planning and assessing by starting off with the end goal (learning goals and expectations) students are aiming to achieve by the end of a topic or unit. For detailed steps on creating or importing a rubric, teachers can visit this resource.

2. Review Comment Set (master set)

Teachers can spend just a bit of time ensuring the pre-loaded comment set is catered to their assessment needs, expectations, and the grade level or subject area they teach. Once the comment set is customized to suit a teacher's assessment needs, JoeZoo can automatically assess for these needs. This initial step will save teachers time in the long run throughout the school year and will only require minimal maintenance once the comment set has gone through this initial review. For detailed steps on Comment Sets in the JoeZoo App, teachers can visit this resource.

3. Create or Import Assignment 

Teachers who use Google Classroom can easily sync an assignment. Teachers who don’t use Google Classroom or choose not to connect it with JoeZoo can easily create an assignment on JoeZoo and link it to a Google Drive folder that will hold students’ assignments. For detailed steps on creating or importing an assignment, teachers can visit this resource.

4. Configure Assignment

Teachers must always configure an assignment before assessing. This will ensure the assessment process goes smoothly for both teachers and students. Configuring an assignment includes connecting a rubric to the assignment, adding length goals (if any), and many other assessment components JoeZoo can assess automatically, before teachers even open the assignment for the first time. For detailed steps on configuring an assignment, teachers can visit this resource.

During Assessment

1. Self-Assessment and Peer Assessment

Teachers can have students conduct self and peer assessment to build and improve their learning skills. Teachers who conduct formative assessment throughout students' progress can make students more accountable, while saving time once assignments reach a teacher.

2. Feedback Using JoeZoo Express

Teachers can open the JoeZoo Express Add-on within a student's Google Doc assignment. Teachers are provided feedback with actionable insights from JoeZoo ExpressTeachers can review the feedback JoeZoo has gathered and input their own feedback. For detailed steps on giving feedback using JoeZoo Express, teachers can visit this resource.

3. Grade Using JoeZoo Express

Teachers can grade each assignment using their selected rubric, which will be hosted in the JoeZoo Express Add-on. For detailed steps on how to grade using JoeZoo Express, teachers can visit this resource

After Assessment

1. Re-Assess Student Work (optional)

Teachers who have multiple assessment points throughout a student's assignment can easily re-assess student work using JoeZoo's assessment features. Multiple versions of a student's assignment are available for teachers to review within the JoeZoo web app. 

2. Export Grades from JoeZoo

Teachers can review or edit an assignment's grade any time within JoeZoo. Once teachers are finished assessing student work, they can export grades from the JoeZoo web app into a Google Sheets file. For detailed steps on how to export grades, teachers can visit this resource.

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