How do Parents gain Access to JoeZoo?

            In this article we answer the frequently asked question, "How do parents gain access to JoeZoo?"

            Teacher Invitation Only

            For student privacy and data security, parents can only access JoeZoo if they have been invited by one of their child's teachers.

            How Teachers Invite Parents

            With JoeZoo, it is very easy for teachers to invite parents to access JoeZoo.

            Here are step-by-step instructions:
            1. Go to and sign in with your school's Google Account
            2. On the Classes page, click on any class tile
            3. On that Class page, click the Guardians tab
            4. On the Guardians tab, input the First Name, Last Name and Email of each parent, adding as many parents to each student as you wish
            5. On click of the "Save" button, JoeZoo will send that parent an invite email with a secure sign up link

            How-to Video

            Watch this video to see how to securely invite parents or guardians to access the JoeZoo app.

            How Parents Sign Up

            For parents to sign up for JoeZoo, it takes less than 2 minutes.

            Once a parent receives their JoeZoo invite email from one of their child's teachers, they'll need to follow these steps to sign up:
            1. Click the Sign Up button inside the invite email
            2. On the Sign Up page, click the "Create New Account" link
            3. Complete the form and for your child's security, input each of their teacher emails
            4. Sign up done
            As a final step, go to the Subscription page and subscribe for free to gain access to all of the Access package features.

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