Google Administrator User Guide

            In this article we show Google Administrators how to install JoeZoo and to turn on all of its features for teachers and students.

            Role of Google Administrator

            While a teacher and students can install the JoeZoo Express add-on from the Chrome Web Store, they'll need the help of their school's Google Administrator to turn on its features.

            Turning on Features

            To turn on all of Teacher FREE features for teachers and their classes, a Google Administrator should follow these steps:

            Step #1 - Install App

            To install the JoeZoo app, simply go to our G Suite Marketplace page and install it in your school or district's primary Google domain. 

            Then enable it for all teachers and students.

            If you have never installed a Marketplace app yet, here is Google's how-to article

            Step #2 - Add to Safe Senders List

            To ensure that teachers can receive our support and app update emails, we recommend adding " " to your school or district's " Safe Senders List "

            If you do not add us to your Safe Senders List it is very likely that your school or district's email policy will block our support emails.

            Step #3 - Register

            Next, you will need to go to and to register with the Google account you use to administer your school or district's primary Google domain.

            This will create a dedicated JoeZoo page for your school or district on which you or any other Google Administrator will be able to turn on and off features for teachers and their students.

            Step #4 - Turn on Teachers & Student Features

            After you've registered as a Google Administrator, all you need to do is add all your school's teachers on the "Teachers" tab of your school or district's JoeZoo page.

            By adding each teacher you will enable all of their teacher features and will also activate all of the student features for the students they teach.

            If a teacher is not added to the "Teachers" tab, they and all of their students will be unable to use most of JoeZoo's features.

            That said, there are 3 ways to add teachers to the "Teachers" tab:
            1. OU Sync - select all of the OUs that contain teachers and we'll keep our app synchronized with the users you add to or remove from those OUs
            2. Import List - select a Google Sheets or CSV file that contains a list of teachers and we'll import it into our app and turn on their features
            3. Input Manually - while this is the slowest method, you can input individual teachers to turn on their features

            Step #5 - Multiple Domains (optional)

            If your school has teachers and students in different domains, you'll need to add those secondary domains on the "Domains" tab of your school or district's JoeZoo page.

            As long as the JoeZoo App is installed in your primary domain, adding your secondary domains will allow users in those domains to use all of JoeZoo's free features.

            Support & Professional Development Resources

            JoeZoo prioritizes teacher training and support and offers a variety of helpful resources.

            To learn more about our self-service articles and tutorial videos, or how to submit a support ticket, watch this video.

            How-to Video

            Watch this video to see how a Google Administrator should install and set up JoeZoo for their school or district.

            Privacy & Data Protections 

            Watch this video to see how JoeZoo protects user privacy and data.

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