Parent User Guide

            In this article we show parents how they can use JoeZoo - from set up to participating in their child's learning.

            What is JoeZoo?

            JoeZoo is a new type of classroom assessment app. 

            Teachers use it to give students feedback and grade faster. 

            Students use it to make teacher feedback easier to apply and to build their essential learning skills, in addition to grades. 

            Parents use it to 'unlock the black box of learning', seeing that their child is learning, and what they are learning without having to wait for report cards.

            Schools use it to ensure that each student is building the essential learning skills and global competencies that every student will need to be successful in post secondary education and their work life.

            To learn more read this article.

            Student Benefits

            For feedback to be helpful, students need to get it back quickly, in an easy to use format and teachers need to know that students engage.

            Traditional methods - like hand written or Google comments - don't work because they all look the same to students, are trapped on pieces of paper or in a Google Doc that students will never refer to and offer no way for teachers to know if students even use them.

            With JoeZoo, teacher feedback is automatically colour coded and grouped, so students find it easier to understand and apply.  It is accessible by everyone - teachers, students and parents - anywhere at any time in our app.  

            And, it is tracked so teachers and students know which comments helped to increase learning outcomes, and which ones didn't.

            To learn more about how students use JoeZoo, read this article.

            Installation & Set Up

            Setting up JoeZoo is quite easy, but does differ by user type.

            Student Set Up

            For instructions on how to help your child set up JoeZoo, read this article.

            Parent Set Up

            For student security, parents can only access JoeZoo by invite from their child's teacher.  To learn more about how parents set up their JoeZoo app after being invited by a teacher, read this article.

            Understanding Learning Insights

            Research has proven that student learning success increases significantly if parents participate.  At JoeZoo we wanted to make parental participation more inclusive, and easy.

            Insights Translation

            For parents, JoeZoo is available in over 100 world languages.

            Once logged in, parents select their preferred language and all of our app's navigation and their child's learning insights are instantly translated.

            Managing JoeZoo Account

            To manage details in your JoeZoo account, you can follow the steps in this article.

            Support Resources

            JoeZoo take student privacy very seriously.  As a result, we do not communicate with students.

            Parents are welcome to browse the support resources in our Help Centre, and can submit support tickets on their child's behalf.

            Updated: 22 Sep 2018 03:19 PM
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