How parents use a Class page

            In this article we introduce parents to the various parts of their child's Class page and how they can use it to support their child's learning.

            Accessing the Class Page

            To access their child's Class page, parents should follow these step:
            1. Go to and sign in
            2. Next, click your child's name at the top of the app to view all their Classes
            3. Click on a Class tile to view its Class page
            Located at the top of each Class page are 2 tabs:
            • Dashboard
            • Assignments


            The 'Dashboard' tab shows parents whether their child has demonstrated any of the 6 Essential Learning Skills in the class, and provides them with Improvement Tips to show them how to build these skills.

            To Do List

            For parents to get the most out of JoeZoo, they will want their child to complete all of the tasks in the 'To Do List'.  

            Of greatest importance to parents is to make sure their child has completed their JoeZoo set up.  To do so, the student simply has to open the JoeZoo Express add-on in their Google Doc app and to input only their age, a requirement for compliance with privacy laws.  

            Improvement Tips

            Unlike any other classroom assessment app, JoeZoo auto-generates individualized Improvement Tips based on the feedback that teachers give to each student.

            These Improvement Tips can be accessed by students, teachers and parents anywhere and at any time, and are automatically generated in both text and audio formats.

            To access each Improvement Tip, a parent can click on a record and it will open or they can click on the 'speaker' icon to listen to the prompt.  Parents will be able to see what the comment was, how many times it was given to their child and how many spots their child will rise in the class if they avoid the issue in future assignments.

            Skills Progress

            JoeZoo is focused on helping each student to build Essential Learning Skills in addition to getting better grades.

            To make it easy to track Skills Progress, we have created 6 Skill Badges:
            1. Self-Editing - the skill of finding and fixing writing errors before handing in your coursework
            2. Initiative - the skill of making use of resources provided by teachers to better research a topic
            3. Feedback Engagement - the skill of fully reading or listening to each piece of feedback given by teachers
            4. Feedback Application - the skill of using teacher feedback to improve the quality of your assignment
            5. Peer Feedback - the skill of fully reading or listening to each piece of feedback given by fellow students
            6. Parental Participation - the skill of inviting your parents to view your coursework in JoeZoo
            By default each Skill Badge is grey in colour.  If your child has demonstrated a skill in a class, the Skill Badge will become coloured and there will be thumbnail image for each assignment in which they demonstrated that skill. 

            The more coloured skill badges, the stronger your child is for that particular skill.


            The 'Assignments' tab gives parents an easy way to view their child's submission for each Class Assignment, including all of the captured versions of their child's docs and how their child used teacher feedback.

            Updated: 22 May 2018 05:46 AM
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