How Students Manage their Account

            In this article we show students how to access and edit their JoeZoo account.

            What You Can Manage

            After you've completed your JoeZoo registration you can manage all details from the Account page of the app.  Here are the specific details you can manage there:
            1. Profile - here you can edit your current age
            2. School - here you can edit the school you attend
            3. Teachers - here you can invite all your teachers to try JoeZoo
            4. Account Settings - for transparency, here we list which Google Permissions we access and exactly how we use them
            5. Logout - on click you will be logged out of the JoeZoo app

            Step-by-Step Instructions

            To access your Account page, follow these steps:
            1. If you are in the JoeZoo Express add-on, click the "Go to App" button at the top right of the add-on to go to our app and then follow the next steps.
            2. If you are already in the JoeZoo app, click the button with your first name, located at the far right of the top navigation bar.
            3. Scroll to whichever screen you wish as you can see below.

            How-to Video

            Watch this video to see how to manage your JoeZoo account.

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