How Students should use the Monkey Checker

            In this article we show students how to use the Monkey Checker.

            To see how teachers should use their Monkey Checker, read this how-to article .

            Student Monkey Checker

            Students have their own Monkey Checker in their JoeZoo Express add-on.

            How to Turn On

            To turn on the Monkey Checker feature for students, a teacher simply subscribes to our free Tools package .

            Then when their Google Administrator turns on that teacher's features, all of their students automatically get all of our student features, including the Student Monkey Checker and Audio Comments.

            How to Use

            Follow these steps to get the most out of the Student Monkey Checker.

            Step #1 - Open JoeZoo Express Add-on

            While viewing a Google Doc that has content, open the JoeZoo Express add-on.

            If you have not opened your add-on before, you will have a 1-step set up before you'll be able to use the Monkey Checker.

            Step #2 - Run Monkey Checker

            Once the JoeZoo Express add-on is open, click the "Run Monkey Checker" button.

            If your teacher has not turned on this feature for you yet, you will be prompted to ask them for help.  They can turn on your Monkey Checker and other features like Voice Comments by following this how-to article .

            If your teacher has turned it on, the Monkey Checker will run and will instantly highlight any detected writing errors in your doc and will list colour-coded comments in your add-on.

            Step #3 - Read Comments

            As soon as the Monkey Checker has run, you'll notice that all the writing errors are grouped by error type. 

            Grouped By Error Type
            The group at the top of your add-on is the one you've made most frequently in your doc.  If you fix those errors, the quality of your doc will improve significantly.

            Colour Coding
            You'll also notice that all errors are colour coded.  Errors of the same colour all belong to the same group, such as Grammar or Punctuation. We've colour coded error types to make it easier for you to understand and avoid making that error in the future.

            Reading Comments
            Click each comment record in the add-on to see what the writing error was and tips on how to fix it.

            If there are any links in the Resource Link section, click those to view web pages that might help you to understand the rule and to fix the error.

            Text-to-Audio Comments
            In the bottom right of every comment, you'll see the "Listen" button.  If your teacher has turned on this feature for you, you'll be able to have the entire comment read to you by our friendly robot.

            If your teacher has not turned on this feature for you yet, you will be prompted to ask them for help.  They can turn on your Audio Comments by following this how-to article .

            Step #4 - Fix Doc Errors

            After reading or listening to each comment fully, use the fix tip to edit your doc where the error was highlighted. 

            After you've made your edit, click the "Resolve" button to remove the highlight from your doc and to remove the comment record from your add-on. 

            If you'd like to resolve multiple comments at the same time, you can select multiple comment records followed by the "Resolve" button.  If you want to de-select those records, simply click the "Clear" button.

            As soon as you resolve all of the comments in your doc, you'll be able to re-run the Monkey Checker or to add more comments to it.

            Step #5 - Earn Skill Badges

            JoeZoo is designed to help you practice and build the learning skills you'll need for life.

            As you demonstrate each skill, your score will go up and you could earn each of these digital Learning Skill badges.
            • Self-editing Skill - is the skill of fixing your writing errors before handing in docs
            • Initiative - is the skill of using resource links in comments to research a rule or topic further
            • Feedback Engagement - is the skill of fully reading each comment to understand all the feedback within
            • Feedback Application - is the skill of using fix tips in comments to edit your doc
            • Peer Feedback - is the skill of using a classmate's comments to edit your doc
            • Parental Participation - is the skill of inviting your parents to read your docs

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