Student User Guide

            In this article we show students how to use JoeZoo - from set up to using it to view teacher comments and grades.

            What is JoeZoo?

            JoeZoo is an app that helps make it easier for students to use teacher feedback and to build 5 other important learning skills.

            To learn more, read this article.

            Student Benefits

            For feedback to be helpful, students need to get it back quickly, in an easy to use format and teachers need to know that students engage.

            Traditional methods - like hand written or Google comments - don't work because they all look the same to students, are trapped on pieces of paper or in a Google Doc that students will never refer to and offer no way for teachers to know if students even use them.

            With JoeZoo, teacher feedback is automatically colour coded and grouped, so students find it easier to understand and apply. 

            It is accessible by everyone - teachers, students and parents - anywhere at any time in our app. 

            And, it is tracked so teachers and students know which comments helped to increase learning outcomes, and which ones didn't.

            Installation & Set Up

            Setting up JoeZoo is quite easy, but does differ by user type.

            Student Set Up

            For instructions on how to set up JoeZoo as a student, read this article.

            Assessing Docs

            Students will find all of our feedback and grading tools in their JoeZoo Express add-on.

            To see how to use all our feedback and grading features, read this article.

            Managing JoeZoo Account

            To manage details in your JoeZoo account, read this article.

            Support Resources

            JoeZoo take student privacy very seriously.  As a result, we do not communicate with students.

            Students are welcome to browse the self-service support resources in our  Help Centre, but will need to ask their teachers or parents to submit support tickets on their behalf.

            Privacy & Data Protections 

            Watch this video to see how JoeZoo protects user privacy and data.

            Updated: 10 Nov 2019 12:15 AM
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