How students View Comments and Graded Rubrics

            In this article we show students how to view their teacher's comments and grades with JoeZoo.

            Viewing Comments

            To view JoeZoo comments, follow these steps:

            Step #1 - Open JoeZoo Express Add-on

            To open your JoeZoo Express add-on go to the "Add-ons" tab at the top of your Google Docs app and click "Open JoeZoo Express".

            If you have never used the add-on before you'll have to accept some Google permissions and input your age to complete its one-time set up .

            Here's how you open the JoeZoo Express add-on.

            Step #2 - Click View Comments Button

            Once the add-on opens, click the "View Comments" button on the home screen. 

            If the button says "Add Comments" that means there are no comments that have been added to the doc yet.

            Step #3 - Click Comment

            To view a comment, click on a record in your list.

            On click of a comment, your doc will scroll to show you where it is highlighted in your doc.

            By default all your comments are organized by Comment Type. 

            Step #4 - Comment Details

            Each comment is divided into parts to make it easier for students to understand.
            • Category - all similar comments are grouped under a Category and has the same highlight colour in your doc.
            • Highlighted Text  - is the text in your doc to which the colour coded comment was added.
            • Comment Name  - is the type of comment and is usually a rule or concept your teacher wants you to understand.
            • Explanation  - are details that describes the comment and its important that you read it fully.
            • Fix Tip  - if your comment is corrective you'll get a tip on how to edit your doc where it is highlighted
            • Resource Links  - if your teacher has added links to a comment click them to visit those web pages

            Step #5 - Text-to-Speech Comments

            Every JoeZoo comment can be listened to as well as read.

            For students to listen to comments, they'll have to ask their teacher to turn on the free Text-to-Speech Comments feature.

            Once turned on, click the "Listen" button in any comment and it will be read to you using Artificial Intelligence (AI), just like Amazon's Alexa.

            Step #6 - Voice Comments

            If a school has turned on the Tools package for all its teachers then those teachers and their students can use our free Voice Commenting feature.

            Once turned on, students can click the "Play" button within a voice comment to listen to its feedback.

            Step #7 - Resolving Comments

            After reading or listening to each comment, click the "Resolve" button to remove it and its highlight from your doc.  

            If it had a fix tip be sure to edit your doc where the text was highlighted to show your teacher that you've used their feedback.

            If you ever want to remove multiple comments from your doc, go to the list view and select multiple records before clicking the "Resolve" button.

            After you remove all comments from your doc, you'll be able to add more comments or can run your Monkey Checker.

            Viewing Grades

            To view grades you've received from your teacher, self or a peer, you'll need to click the "View Grades" button on the home screen of your add-on.

            If your doc has not been graded yet, that button will say "Grade Doc" and will let you grade the doc if your teacher has attached a rubric to the class assignment.

            As soon as you click a grading record in your add-on the graded rubric is inserted at the end of your doc. 

            If your doc has been graded multiple times, click each one and a graded rubric for each will be inserted in your doc.

            Viewing Doc Versions

            Each time your doc is assessed, JoeZoo automatically saves that version of your doc to our app.

            In each version we save its content, any added comments and any grades.

            To see each version, students that have been subscribed to the Improvement package by their teacher or school can simply log into their JoeZoo App to see their saved doc versions with their insights.

            Improvement Checklists

            We know it's really hard for students to remember teacher feedback when it is written on a printed doc or in a Google Docs comment.

            To make it easier for you to remember and use them, we turn them into personalized checklists to help you build an important skill, like Feedback Engagement.

            If your teacher has subscribed you to the Improvement package for students , you will be able to see your Improvement Checklists whenever you open your JoeZoo Express add-on.

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