How teachers use an Assignment Page

            In this article we show teachers how to each part of an Assignment page, from assessing student docs to downloading grading data.

            Accessing the Assignment Page

            To access an Assignment page, teachers should follow these step:
            1. Go to and sign in
            2. Next, click on a class tile on the Classes page
            3. On the Class page, click an assignment tile on the Assignments tab
            Located at the top of each Assignment page are 3 tabs:
            • Dashboard
            • Submissions
            • Class


            The 'Dashboard' tab shows teachers an interactive Comment Cloud of all the comments they've added to student docs and a chart that shows all the Grades that have been given to students in that class.

            To Do List

            To make it easier for teachers to assess assignments with JoeZoo, we've created a 'To Do List' to guide them.  

            Of greatest importance to teachers is to make sure they connect the Comment Set and Rubric they'd like to use to assess the assignment. 

            Download Grading Data

            To make it easy for teachers to download feedback and grading data from JoeZoo, we've included an 'export' icon at the top of each Assignment page.

            Teachers can simply click the icon and all of the assignment's data will be saved to the teacher's Google Drive as a perfectly organized Google Sheets file.

            Configure Assignment

            To make it easy for teachers to change the details they input for an assignment, we've included an 'edit' icon (shaped like a pencil) at the top of each Assignment page.

            Teachers can simply click the icon to go to the Assignment Builder screen where they can configure how they would like to assess the assignment, including the selection of the Comment Set or Rubric they'd like to use.

            Comment Cloud

            Teachers give students a lot of feedback, but traditional assessment apps make it nearly impossible for a teacher to know which comments they gave most often and to which students. But JoeZoo makes it easy.

            JoeZoo keeps track of every comment a teacher adds to each student doc and generates an interactive Comment Cloud for the entire class.

            The larger the comment in the cloud, the greater the number of times the teacher gave it during the assignment. Since comments are usually feedback about student competencies, teachers can use the size of each comment in the cloud to determine which competencies might need additional instruction.

            Teachers can click on any comment in the cloud to see to which students they gave the feedback, how many times and what proportion of the comments were complimentary versus corrective.

            Grades Chart

            JoeZoo is designed to make grading fast and easy for teachers, and we do that by eliminating a lot of the manual steps in traditional grading methods.

            With traditional grading methods, it is nearly impossible for teachers to know if they have graded the whole class, what grades they gave most frequently and to which students. But JoeZoo makes it easy.

            With the Grades Chart, teachers can see whether they have graded all the students in a class or which ones they still need to grade.  Additionally they'll be able to see all the grades they've given and if they click on a bar in the chart it will show to which students that particular grade was given.


            The 'Submissions' tab provides teachers with a list view of all students in the class and information about when their doc was last assessed. 

            Additionally each student record has a button that helps teachers to open each student's doc in Google Docs and to navigate to all captured Doc Versions with their insights about how each student engaged feedback.

            Configure Assignment

            Clicking the "edit" button at the top of any Assignment page opens our Assignment Builder where a teacher can edit its name, customize their Monkey Checkers and select the Comment Set and Rubric they'd like to use. 

            Additionally, they can use the Assignment Builder to configure the Doc Insights they'd like to receive when assessing student docs.

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