How to add Classes and Students to JoeZoo

            In this article we show teachers how to add their classes and students to JoeZoo.

            Why Add Classes

            JoeZoo keeps teacher feedback and grading data organized by class, assignment and students.

            This allows us to track student progress from assignment to assignment, across all their classes.

            That said, we make adding classes to JoeZoo very easy.  

            2 Ways to Add

            There are 2 ways for teachers to add their classes and students to JoeZoo:
            1. Connect Google Classroom - if you use Google Classroom, you can connect it to JoeZoo and we'll keep your classes, students and assignments synchronized with our app
            2. Manually Add Class - if you don't use Google Classroom, you can manually add a class to JoeZoo and can then import your student roster from either a Google Sheets or CSV file

            Connect Google Classroom

            Importing your classes and students from Google Classroom is easy and very fast.

            On the Classes page, simply click the "Connect Google Classroom" button.  You'll have to grant JoeZoo permission, but only the first time.

            Instantly JoeZoo will import all of your active classes, students and assignments, automatically creating tiles for each so you won't have to. 

            From this point onwards we'll JoeZoo in sync with your Google Classroom so that any change you make in it is reflected in your JoeZoo app as well.

            Manually Add Classes

            While not as fast as the Google Classroom method, adding classes manually is pretty easy if you follow these steps:

            Step #1 - Create Class
            On the Classes page, click the "Add Class" button to create a class.

            Step #2 - Name Class
            Give your class a unique name and some details to help differentiate it from others you add to JoeZoo.

            Step #3 - Import Student Roster
            Once your class is created, go to the "Students" tab to import your student roster.

            You can choose to import a list as a Google Sheets or CSV file.  

            When you've selected a list to import, you'll need to identify which columns contain the student's First Name, Last Name and Email.  All other columns of data you'll need to select to ignore and if your spreadsheet has titles in the top row, you'll want to click the check box to ignore that row.

            Step #4 - Class Tile Goes 'Green'
            After you have added students to a class, the status bar at the bottom of the Class tile on the Classes page will go from red to green.

            'Red' at the bottom of the Class tile means the class has no students in it and is therefore incomplete.  

            'Green' at the bottom of the Class tile means the class has students added to it and is therefore complete.  It will start accruing class and student feedback and grading data and generating helpful progress charts.

            Register Students

            Once you are done importing students, you'll see their status on the "Students" tab.

            If their status says "Not Registered", you'll need to get them to open their JoeZoo Express add-on to complete their  1-step set up .

            Once they've finished their set up of JoeZoo Express, their status will change to "Registered" and we'll be able to track their progress and to generate individualized improvement apps from the feedback they get from all their teachers, across all courses.

            If you subscribe them to the Improvement package , you'll see their status go to "Paid" and both you and they will be able to use all of the features in the Improvement package.

            Edit Classes

            Google Classroom Classes

            If you are a Google Classroom user and have imported your Classes into JoeZoo, then if you need to edit its details, such as its name, you'll need to go into your Google Classroom app to make the edits.

            JoeZoo will synchronize with the edits you made in Google Classroom the next time you click the "Sync Google Classroom" button in our app.

            Manually Added Classes

            If you have manually added Classes to JoeZoo, you can edit any of its details, such as its name, you'll need to click on the Details tab of the Class page.

            Once you click the "Save" button any updates will show on the class' tile on the Classes page.

            Deleting Added Classes

            If you use Google Classroom, you will not be able to delete a class record in JoeZoo and will need to go to Google Classroom to delete it there.  Once deleted in Google Classroom it will be removed from your JoeZoo app as well.

            If you manually added a class in JoeZoo, to delete it simply click the select box in the top right of the class tile and click the Delete button.  You will be warned that deleting the class record will also delete all of the assignment and student data for that class.  If you click the Confirm button the class and data will be permanently deleted from JoeZoo.

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