Configure an Assignment

            Assignment Builder

            To make it easy for teachers to configure JoeZoo to assess docs in their preferred way, we've created the Assignment Builder.

            It is a visually guided process that walks teachers through each configuration step.

            Configuration Steps

            Follow these steps to configure how you would like JoeZoo to help assess a class assignment:

            Step #1 - Name Assignment

            Give your assignment a unique name and details to help differentiate it from your other assignments.

            Step #2 - Length Goal

            If you'd like to set some length goals for your class, such as a minimum of 400 words or a 3 paragraph essay, you can do it on this step in the Assignment Builder.

            Then when you are assessing a student doc, click the Doc Insights button and JoeZoo will measure the doc's length and tell you if it met any goals you set.

            Step #3 - Readability

            Readability is a key part of a student's literacy skills. 

            If a teacher inputs the average age of the students in their class, JoeZoo will be able to calculate the Readability of each student's doc and report how well it meets the Grade Level standards.

            Step #4 -  Originality

            On the Originality step, teachers need to select the folder that contains student docs.

            Once done, JoeZoo will scan all student docs to identify which students may have copied work from a classmate.

            Step #5 - Teacher Monkey Checker

            On this step, teachers can configure their Monkey Checker, the one they will use when assessing student docs.

            To remove errors, they simply drag them from the Monkey Checker and drop them in the "Removed Errors" section.

            Step #6 -  Student Monkey Checker

            On this step, a teacher can configure the errors that their students' Monkey Checkers will catch.

            Like the Teacher Monkey Checker, teachers can drag and drop errors to their "Removed Errors" section.

            It's a powerful feature for teachers that want to focus student editing on specific rules, such as "Misspellings" or "Their/They're/There".

            Step #7 - Student Comment Set

            On this step, teachers can select a Comment Set for students to use to give self or peer feedback.

            By default, a teacher's Master Comment Set will be distributed for students to use.  But a teacher can create a New Comment Set or select another one they've created for their students to use. 

            It's perfect for teachers who want students to practice peer feedback, but want to control what types of feedback you'd like students to give each other.

            Step #8 - Grading Rubric

            On this final step of the Assignment Builder, a teacher can select the Rubric they and their students would like to use to grade student docs.

            By selecting a rubric on this step, both the teacher and all of their students will receive the rubric in their JoeZoo Express add-on.  Instantly they can click to grade the doc and can also record a personalized Voice Message.

            How-to Video

            Watch this video to see how teachers can configure what JoeZoo assesses in their assignments. 

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