How to copy Pre-built Rubrics shared by other teachers

            In this article we show teachers how they can copy pre-built rubrics shared by other teachers.

            Step #1 - Turn on Sharing

            Rubric and Comment Set Sharing are popular features in our free Tools package.

            To turn on sharing, click to subscribe to the Tools package on the Subscription page of our app.  

            Step #2 - Click Copy Template Rubric 

            Once your Google Administrator has enabled the Tools package for you, go to the Rubrics page in our app.

            There, click the "Copy Template Rubric" button and you will see all of the pre-built rubrics that are being shared by other teachers in your school or district.

            Click one you wish to copy and it will be instantly copied to your Rubrics page, saving you the creation time and effort.

            How-to Video

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