Create, Edit or Clone a Comment Set

            In this article we show teachers to create, edit or clone JoeZoo comment sets.

            Benefits of JoeZoo Comments

            Traditionally, teachers have spent up to 30 minutes adding feedback by hand or using the commenting feature in Google Docs, for each student's doc and for each round of feedback.

            To teachers this method can feel familiar, but is it the best one for your students?

            Here are 5 things that make JoeZoo comments better than yours:
            1. Preloaded Comments   - using our   Comment Set Builder , you will find 93 of the most commonly used teacher comments.  You can edit them, add to them or delete them to suit the grade level and subject you teach. 

            2. Categorized & Colour Coded - take a look at your comments through the eyes of your students. If they are not colour coded and categorized your students will struggle to remember them.  Students find JoeZoo comments easier to understand and recall than Google comments or hand written comments. 

            3. Engagement Tracking - what's the point in spending hours giving feedback unless you know students are engaging it.  That's impossible with handwritten or Google comments, but with JoeZoo we can tell if students viewed or fully read them and if they used your feedback to improve their doc. 

            4. Doc Versions - we believe in proof so our app automatically captures versions of each student doc before and after assessment and saves it to a digital portfolio. Now teachers, students and parents all see the same proof of student efforts. 

            5. Comment Clouds - your comments tell a story about the the competencies of each student and class. If you give them by hand or Google comments those stories are impossible to know.  JoeZoo automatically tracks the comments you give to each student and class and converts them into interactive Comment Clouds. You can visually see which ones you gave most frequently and click each to see what ratio the ratio of corrective to complimentary was and which students demonstrated competency or need additional support.

            2 Ways to Create Comment Sets

            With JoeZoo there are 2 different ways to create comment sets:
            1. Copy Pre-built Comment Sets - why create when you can copy.  Browse comment sets built by your fellow teachers shared to your school's JoeZoo page.  See how.
            2. Create New Comment Sets - prefer to create your own rubrics? No problem. Use our visually guided builder to create any rubric in just a few minutes. See how below.

            Step-by-Step Instructions

            To create a comment set with JoeZoo, teachers should follow these steps:

            Step #1 - Click Build Comment Set Button

            On the Comment Sets page in our app, click the "Build Comment Set" button.

            Step #2 - Name Comment Set

            Next.  Give your comment set a name and some details to make it easy for you to tell one from another.

            Select the tick box to share your comment set if you'd like be able to share your comment set with other teachers at your school, or to copy ones they share to you.

            Step #3 - Input Categories

            Next. Input categories under which you'd like to organize your comments.

            You can input up to 5 categories. Each will have a unique highlight colour that will show when you add comments to student docs.

            We created colour coded categories because it helps students to differentiate your comments, and to understand which ones are related.

            Step #4 - Add Comments

            Next.  Add comments to your categories.

            You can drag and drop from your "Available Comments" or you can create new ones by clicking the "Create Comment" button.

            "Green" and "Red" Statuses

            On the Comment Sets page, you'll notice that there are either red or green bars at the bottom of each comment set tile.  What do they mean?
            • " Green " indicates that a comment set is not currently being used to grade any assignments so you are free to edit it or to connect it to assignments.
            • " Red " indicates that you have already connected that comment set to an assignment and may have begun giving feedback with it.  Trying to edit a comment set with "red" status or to attach another comment set to those assignments will show you a warning.  If you then edit or change that comment set it will reset any docs you've assessed so you will need to re-assess them.

            How-to Video

            Watch this video to see how to create, share, copy, clone or delete a Comment Set created with JoeZoo.

            Comment FAQs

            Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about JoeZoo comments.

            Q: Can I import my existing list of comments into JoeZoo?

            A: Not yet, but it's coming soon.

            Q: How can a teacher copy a comment set shared by a fellow teacher?

            A: Forget photo copying or emailing a spreadsheet of comments made with Google Sheets or MS Excel.  That's too slow.   

            With JoeZoo you can copy shared comment set from any teacher in your district with one click, provided that your Google Administrator has turned on this feature for you when they   set up JoeZoo for your school or district .

            To see how to do so read this how-to article .

            Q: Are JoeZoo comments only for English Language Arts teachers or a specific grade level?

            A: No.

            Teachers from Grade 3 (8 year olds) through adult education (80 year olds), and across all subjects and courses, including band, are using JoeZoo to provide higher quality formative feedback to students.

            The 93 comments we've preloaded cover aspect of written communication - format, grammar, mechanics, punctuation and structure - which are used whether the course is ELA or Chemistry. 

            Our thought is that we'll take care of the lower order comments so you can add higher order ones that match your course.

            Q: What types of engagement insights can JoeZoo comments track?

            A: Great question!  Lots.

            You put a lot of time and effort giving formative feedback to students, but are you sure your students are even reading them?

            With handwritten or Google comments you'll never know, but with JoeZoo comments you'll get proof.

            Here are the learning insights and proof you get with JoeZoo comments:
            1. Viewed - we can tell you which comments were viewed and which ones were unopened
            2. Fully Read - if they open a comment, we can measure if they read all of its content
            3. Resource Usage - if you provided a link to a web resource with your comment, we can also tell you if the student took the initiative to explore it
            4. Doc Edits - we can tell you if students edit the content in their doc wherever comments have been added
            5. Application - we can even tell you if students apply feedback, meaning after they fully read a comment did they apply its feedback to edit their doc
            6. Engagement Time - and to help you quantify effort, we keep track of how much time each student spends engaging all your feedback

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