How to Create, Edit or Clone a Rubric

            In this article we show teachers to create, edit or clone JoeZoo rubrics.

            Benefits of JoeZoo Rubrics

            Traditionally, teachers have spent an hour or more using the table feature in apps like Google Docs or Microsoft Word, and then spending up to 45 minutes printing and handing them out or distributing them digitally to students via Google Classroom or Google Drive.

            To teachers this method can feel familiar, but is it really better or faster?

            Here are 5 things that make JoeZoo rubrics better than yours:
            1. Minutes vs 1 Hour - using our Rubric Builder , you are visually guided through a process that builds any rubric in minutes versus thewhi 1 hour in Google Docs or MS Word 

            2. Instant Distribution - as soon as you connect a rubric to your assignment, it is instantly available to all of your students via their JoeZoo Express add-on so they can view it as they write their assignment or to self-assess their own doc. 

            3. Engagement Tracking - unlike traditional rubrics, which are just 'digital pieces of paper', ours track engagement so teachers know if each student is using theirs to write their assignment. 

            4. Grade Inside Google - with JoeZoo rubrics you grade just by clicking in your rubric which you can see as you read student docs in Google Docs. 

            5. Infinitely Reusable & Shareable - with a JoeZoo rubric your entire district can go paperless and stop duplicating rubric creating efforts. One teacher creates a rubric once and it can then be shared and copied infinitely by every teacher across the district. 

            3 Ways to Create Rubrics

            With JoeZoo there are 3 different ways to create rubric:
            1. Import Rubrics - already have rubrics you've created in Google Docs? No problem. Import and convert them to JoeZoo rubrics in seconds.  See how .
            2. Copy Pre-built Rubrics - why create when you can copy.  Browse rubrics built by your fellow teachers shared to your school's JoeZoo page.  See how
            3. Create New Rubrics - prefer to create your own rubrics? No problem. Use our visually guided builder to create any rubric in just a few minutes. See how below.

            Step-by-Step Instructions

            To create a new rubric with JoeZoo, teachers should follow these steps:

            Step #1 - Click Build Rubric Button

            On the Rubrics page in our app, click the "Build Rubric" button.

            Step #2 - Name Rubric

            Next.  Give your rubric a name and some details to make it easy for you to tell one from another.

            Select the tick box to share your rubric if you'd like be able to share your rubrics with other teachers at your school, or to copy ones they share to you.

            Step #3 - Select Grading Scale

            Next. Click the "Select Grading Scale" button.

            Some teachers might use the "A - F" scale and others might use the "N.A.M.E.". Whatever scale you like to use, you can add it to a JoeZoo rubric.

            For your convenience we've pre-loaded the most popular scale, which you are free to customize.  Or you can input your own.

            Step #4 - Input Criteria

            Next click the "Input Criteria" button. 

            Criteria are usually found in the left most column of a traditional rubric.

            Step #5 - Input Expectations

            Next type or copy and paste Expectations for each increment of your grading scale, for each criterion. Remember to click the "Save" button and that will advance you to the next input field.

            Expectations are the descriptions of what students need to demonstrate to earn a grade for each criterion.  You usually see them in each cell of a traditional rubric.

            Remember to input them for each grading increment in your rubric.  You'll know if you have if all the circle change from grey to our coral colour.  If any circles remain grey click them to input Expectations before clicking the "Save" button.

            Step #6 - Add Fractional Grades (optional)

            If you'd like to give students a Fractional Grade, such as a C+ or a B-, click the "Add Fractional Grading" button.

            You can input up to 3 fractional increments, such as +/- or a/b/c before clicking the "Save" button.  Then when you go to grade student docs, you'll be able to pick a C or C- or C+, for example.

            Step #7 - Add Scoring (optional)

            If you'd like to give your students a Point or Percentage Score, in addition to give them a Grade, JoeZoo makes it easy.

            Simply click the "Add Scoring" button and select from either Points or Percentages.
            • For Percentages you'll be asked to set the minimum and maximum for each increment on your Grading Scale and then we'll use that to auto-average a % Score when you grade each student doc.  So you won't have to.
            • For Points you'll be asked to input the maximum number of points for each Criterion and then we'll auto-calculate the weighted point score when you grade each student doc.  So you won't have to.

            Step #8 - Connect Assignment

            For a teacher to grade a class assignment or for students to grade their own doc or that of their peers, a teacher needs to connect a rubric to that assignment.

            As soon as a rubric is connected to an assignment, it is instantly available to all students in their JoeZoo Express add-on so they can grade their own doc or that of their peer.

            You can do that in the JoeZoo Express add-on when you grade the first student's doc. You only need to do it for that first student and then our app will remember that selection for all other student docs.

            You can also connect a rubric to an assignment in our web app.  To do so, click the "Connect Assignments' link in the left menu of our Rubric Builder. You'll see tiles for all the assignments you've added to JoeZoo so far.  If you don't see one of your assignments, go to that classes' page and add it there or click Sync Google Classroom.

            To connect an assignment, click the select box in the top right of a tile to connect your rubric to that assignment.  For your convenience, you can connect a single rubric to multiple assignments so you don't have to create a rubric for each assignment.  It's a big time saver for teachers that teach multiple classes for the same course.

            "Green" and "Red" Statuses

            On the Rubrics page, you'll notice that there are either red or green bars at the bottom of each rubric tile.  What do they mean?
            • " Green " indicates that a rubric is not currently being used to grade any assignments so you are free to edit it or to connect it to assignments.
            • " Red " indicates that you have already connected that rubric to an assignment and may have begun grading with it.  Trying to edit a rubric with "red" status or to attach another rubric to those assignments will show you a warning.  If you then edit or change that rubric it will reset any docs you've graded so you will need to re-grade them.

            How-to Video

            Watch these videos to see how to create, share, copy, clone or delete a Rubric created with JoeZoo.

            Rubric FAQs

            Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about JoeZoo rubrics.

            Q: Can I import a rubric I've already built in Google Docs or MS Word into JoeZoo?

            A: Yes you can.

            To see how to do so read this how-to article .

            Q: How can a teacher copy a rubric shared by a fellow teacher?

            A: Forget photo copying or email rubrics made with Google Docs or MS Word.  That's too slow. 

            If your Google Administrator has turned on this feature for you when they set up JoeZoo for your school or district , you'll be able to copy rubrics from any other teacher across your district.

            To see how to do so read this how-to article .

            Q: Is it true that JoeZoo rubrics auto-total when a teacher is grading?

            A: Yes that's true. 

            With the JoeZoo Express add-on open, click to input a grade for each criterion and input either a % or points. 

            JoeZoo will auto-calculate a final grade using the mode, the most frequent selection, of the grades you clicked on your grading scale and will auto-calculate the average % or the total points if your rubric included scores.

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