Distribute a Rubric to Students

            In this article we show teachers how they can distribute a rubric to students before they write their assignment.

            2 Distribution Options

            With JoeZoo, teachers have 2 ways to distribute rubrics to students.

            Option #1 - Connect to Assignment

            With this option, a teacher connects a rubric they've built with JoeZoo to an assignment they've added to JoeZoo. 

            On connection, this rubric is instantly available to all students inside their JoeZoo Express add-on.  They can now click the "Grading" button on their home screen to grade their own doc or that of a peer.

            If a teacher does not connect a rubric to an assignment, students will be unable to grade their own or a peer's doc and will be prompted to ask their teacher to do so if they click the "Grading" button on their add-on's home screen.

            Option #2 - Insert in Doc

            If a teacher prefers to distribute rubrics in a Google Doc file, JoeZoo makes it easy.

            Clicking the "Insert Rubric" button on the home screen will let a teacher select a rubric they've created with JoeZoo and instantly insert it into the Google Doc they are viewing.

            Teachers can then choose to add that Google Doc with rubric to a Google Classroom assignment record or any other preferred method to distribute it to students.

            How-to Video

            Watch this video to see how teachers can create, edit and clone rubrics with JoeZoo.

            Or watch this video to see how to import a pre-existing rubric from Google Docs into JoeZoo.

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