How to Export Grading Data

            In this article we show teachers how to export grading data from JoeZoo to their Google Drive.

            Step-by-Step Instructions

            To export feedback and grading data from JoeZoo to your Google Drive, follow these steps:

            Step #1 - Go to Assignment Page

            Starting on the Classes page in our app, click a Class tile to go to that Class' page.

            On that Class' page, click an Assignment tile to go to that Assignment's page.

            Step #2 - Click Download Button

            On the "Grading Data" tab, click the "Download Grading Data" button.

            Your Google Drive will open in a pop up.  If you have not done it before, Google might ask you to grant it permission the first time.

            If it does not open then check your browser to see if it is being blocked.  To unblock it, re-click the "Download Grading Data" button.

            Step #3 - Save File

            In your Google Drive, select the folder in which you'd like to save the Google Sheets file.

            As soon as you select a folder, the Google Sheet file will open so you can see all of the export grading data, organized into work sheets.

            Understanding the Data

            To save you time and effort, JoeZoo keeps your feedback and grading data organized by student so it is ready for input into your school's grade book software or Student Information System (SIS).

            You will see that it is organized into the following five spreadsheets:
            1. Summary - this sheet identifies the class, assignment and time of your export and provides links to helpful JoeZoo resource pages
            2. Doc Versions - this sheet is organized by student and has links to all captured versions of student docs
            3. Comments - if you have used JoeZoo to give student feedback, you will see the count of comments per student, organized by category and which were the 5 Most Frequently given to each student
            4. Monkey Checker - if you have used the Monkey Checker , our automated writing error checker, you will see the number of errors per student, organized by category and which were the 5 Most Frequent Errors per student
            5. Grading - if you have used JoeZoo to grade student docs, you will see the final grade you gave to each student plus a breakdown of the grade and score you gave for each criterion in your rubric

            How-to Video

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