How to submit a Support Ticket

            In this article we explain to teachers, Google Administrators and parents how to submit a support ticket to JoeZoo.

            Who Can Submit a Support Ticket

            JoeZoo takes student privacy very seriously.

            We do not ask students for any personal information  when they are setting up their JoeZoo Express add-on,  other than their Current Age for COPPA  and  FERPA compliance, and have a policy against communicating with students.

            Accordingly, we will only reply to support requests from teachers and Google Administrators that have subscribed to our paid JoeZoo packages

            If a student needs assistance with JoeZoo, we recommend that they ask a teacher or parent to submit a support request on their behalf as we will not respond to their direct requests.

            Step-by-Step Instructions

            To submit a support ticket to JoeZoo Support, follow these steps:
            1. From the JoeZoo Express add-on, click the "Help" button found at the top of the add-on
            2. From the website, click the "Help Centre" link in the top right
            3. On the JoeZoo Support website, click the "Submit Ticket" button
            4. From the Support Resources tab of your Account, you will be able to submit a support ticket if you are subscribed to either Teacher PRO, School PRO or District PRO
            5. On clicking the "Submit" button, please check your inbox as we will send a confirmation email that includes your Issue Number
            6. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please check your SPAM folder and 'white list' JoeZoo so you receive all future replies
            7. Check your inbox often as our support team replies to all support tickets within 1 business day, and often within a few hours
            8. When your support issue is resolved, a customer satisfaction email will be sent to you asking that you rate our quality of support
            9. If you are a Teacher FREE subscriber, you will have to use our self-service articles and tutorial videos in our Help Centre

            How-to Video

            Watch this video to see how to submit a support ticket via your JoeZoo account page. 

            Updated: 28 Sep 2019 12:44 PM
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