How to use Comment Clouds

            In this article we show teachers and students how to use the Comment Cloud feature.

            Problem with Google Comments

            Teachers spend a lot of time and effort giving students feedback, or more precisely formative feedback.

            One of the most popular tools used for formative feedback is Google Docs/Slides/Sheets comments. Teachers find them easy to add to docs and students find them equally easy to remove with a simple click of the "Resolve" button.

            But are they really easier for teachers and better for student learning?

            Our classroom research showed that they were neither faster for teachers nor did they increase student learning. 

            We found that Google comments are ill-suited for Education, with 3 major weaknesses:
            1. Too Repetitive - inputting the same comment, multiple times per doc, in all student docs, assignment after assignment is a colossal waste of valuable teacher hours
            2. Can't Confirm Students Engage - teachers can only know that students clicked the "Resolve" button and can never know if students read and used the valuable feedback within each comment
            3. Impossible to Track Competencies - teachers can never know how many of each type of comment they've given to each student, let alone an entire class, so tracking student competencies and progress is impossible

            Benefits of JoeZoo Comments

            JoeZoo believes that teacher feedback is powerful, and the key to student learning success.

            That said, if the process of giving feedback is not efficient and teachers can't see that each student is engaging their feedback, we think that power quickly disappears.

            To solve that problem, we built a feedback tool that is easier for teachers and better for student learning.  Here are the advantages:
            1. Inside Google Docs - just like Google comments, commenting with JoeZoo occurs inside Google Docs using our JoeZoo Express add-on
            2. 93 Pre-loaded Comments - JoeZoo is pre-loaded with 93 of the most common comments that can be easily customized or added to by teachers
            3. Faster Commenting - forget repetitively inputting Google comments, JoeZoo keeps track of your most frequent comments so you just add them with a click, no typing
            4. Student Engagement - unlike Google comments, JoeZoo comments track student engagement so teachers can be sure that they are working for each student
            5. Comment Clouds - to make it easier for teachers to know which comments they gave most frequently to each student and class, JoeZoo generates interactive comment clouds for each student and class 

            What are Comment Clouds?

            Comment Clouds are a feature of the Insights package for teachers and included in the Improvement package for students.

            Simply put, a Comment Cloud is an interactive, visual representation of all the comments a teacher has given to each student and across a class of students.

            The larger the comment is in the cloud, the more times it has been given by the teacher.

            How to Use

            To access a class' Comment Cloud, follow these steps:

            Step #1 - Go to Class Page

            Go to any Class page and click on the "Insights" tab. 

            If any class docs have been assess using JoeZoo comments, the Comment Cloud will generate for that assignment.

            Step #2 - Click Comment

            Clicking on any comment in the cloud immediately reveals the following deeper insights about each comment:
            • Comment Count - it will show how many times that comment was added to each student's doc and across all student docs in a class
            • Comment Details - it will show entire content of the comment at the time it was added to a doc
            • Complimentary vs Corrective - it will show how many times the comment was given to correct students versus how many times it was used to compliment students
            • Progress Tracking - it will show if the ratio of complimentary to corrective comments is improving from assignment to assignment

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