How to use Doc Insights

            In this article we show teachers how to turn on and use Doc Insights from within the JoeZoo Express add-on.

            What are Doc Insights?

            Doc Insights are a set of doc analytics provided, in real-time, to help teachers better assess student docs in each round of formative or summative assessment. 

            These insights are calculated instantaneously when a teacher clicks the Doc Insights button on the home screen of their JoeZoo Express add-on.  On click the doc being viewed is scanned and analyzed in real-time and all insights are listed in the JoeZoo Express add-on.

            Current Doc Insights

            1. Doc Length - instant measurement of a doc's length in words, sentences and paragraphs and comparison to writing goals set by teachers
            2. Doc Readability - instant measurement of a doc's ease of reading and comparison to writing standards based on a student's Grade Level
            3. Doc Originality - instant scanning of all student docs in a class and highlighting of docs that have a high probability of being copied from other docs in the class (only available to schools in the JoeZoo Pilot Program)
            4. Feedback Engagement - instant analysis of student engagement and reporting of how many comments were engaged and how much time each student spent engaged in using teacher feedback

            Turn on Doc Insights

            To turn on Doc Insights, teachers must subscribe to the Insights package  on the Subscription page within the JoeZoo app.

            Doc Length

            Some teachers told us that some class assignments have length targets, such as "Write 1000 words on..." or "Write a 3 paragraph essay on...". They asked for an easy way to know if each student met those goals so we created the Doc Length insight.

            On click of the Insights button, JoeZoo will scan and measure the doc being viewed by the teacher and provide a precise measurement of:
            1. Words - total number of words in the doc
            2. Sentences - total number of sentences in the doc
            3. Paragraphs - total number of paragraphs in the doc
            If the teacher set Length Goals via our Assignment Builder, we will also provide a measurement of the difference between the doc and those goals so the teacher will know if the student is on track or needs to write more or edit their doc.

            Doc Readability

            A key part of the literacy skill is for a student to write clearly so that the intended reader can understand what was written. That skill, referred to as Readability , is supposed to evolve and governments have created standards for each Grade Level.  

            Teachers asked us for a quick and easy way for them to know that each student is writing at standard, so we've provided the Readability insight.

            On click of the Readability button, JoeZoo will scan and analyze the doc being viewed using the  Dale-Chall Readability Formula and scored in real-time.

            If a student is in Grade 5 and writes a doc that scores a 6.3 for Readability, they are writing at a Grade 7 or 8 Level and above the standard.  If that same student scored a 4.7 for Readability, they are writing at a Grade 4 Level and below the standard.

            Doc Originality

            Detecting plagiarism is a large and complicated analysis. 

            It combines an analysis of whether content within a doc is original and if not, from which source(s) was it copied or paraphrased and whether those sources were properly cited by the student.  Its measurement is therefore dominated by a few very expensive tools, such as Turnitin.

            But for most teachers, their first concern is whether students within the same class copied from each other, so JoeZoo built its own Originality Checker and is giving early access to all schools that enrol in the free JoeZoo Pilot Program.

            While it is still in beta, JoeZoo's Originality Checker scans all docs within a class, analyzes every sentence and can identify which are similar, to what degree are they similar and which student docs are most similar.

            It gives teachers an instant measure of which students have likely copied from each other and what parts of their doc have been copied.

            Feedback Engagement

            Teachers invest a lot of time and effort providing students with feedback. Their hope is that students engage and apply that feedback to improve their doc and to learn.

            Traditional feedback tools, such as Google Doc Comments, can't provide teachers with insights on whether a student engaged each comment or whether they applied the feedback within each comment.

            JoeZoo Comments, both Text-to-Speech and Voice, are tracked so that we can provide teachers with real-time analytics on whether each student engages teacher feedback and how they applied it.

            On click of the Engagement button, all of the JoeZoo comments added to the doc are analyzed to see if the student has engaged them, how much time they've spent engaging them to that point and whether they have applied the feedback within each comment to improve their doc.

            If the Engagement percentage and time is low, then the teacher's feedback hasn't been effective, and their efforts wasted.

            If the Engagement percentage and time is high, then the teacher's feedback has been effective, and their efforts worthwhile.

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