How to use Doc Versions

            In this article we introduce teachers and students to Doc Versions and explain how best to use them.

            What are Doc Versions?

            For each student, writing an assignment is a process , made up of a series of important steps.
            • Outline - First they might create an outline and receive some guidance from teachers. 
            • Draft(s) - Then they might write a draft that they then self-edit, to fix writing errors, or perhaps it is assessed by one of their peers.
            • Final Submission - Lastly, they submit a final version which their teacher assesses, probably adding final comments and grading with a rubric.
            As experts say, evidence of what happens at each step in the process is more important for learning than the final grade .  But with Google Docs this is impossible.

            To better meet the needs of Education, JoeZoo automatically captures versions of student docs each time it is assessed by students, their peers or their teachers. 

            With JoeZoo, teachers, students and parents can see exactly what feedback a student received and how they used it at each step of this process.

            When are Versions Captured?

            JoeZoo automatically captures a doc version whenever a student, peer or teacher:

            Upgrade for Doc Versions

            Teachers can access the Doc Versions of all their students if they subscribe to the Improvement package .

            Students can access their own Doc Versions, for all their courses, if a teacher or school subscribes them to the Improvement package .

            Parents can access their child's Doc Versions, for all their courses, if a teacher or school subscribes their child to the Improvement package, and they are invited to access JoeZoo by one of their child's teachers.

            How to Access


            After subscribing to the Improvement package, teachers can access any student's Doc Versions in a couple of easy ways:
            1. JoeZoo Express Add-on - while viewing a student's doc with our add-on open, a teacher can click on the "View Doc Versions" button found at the bottom of the Doc Length, Readability, Originality and Engagement screens
            2. JoeZoo App - while inside our app teachers can click on any class Assignment tile and then on the "View Versions" button for any student on the Submissions tab 


            After being subscribed to the Improvement package, students can access their own Doc Versions only from the app
            1. JoeZoo App - while inside our app student can click on any class Assignment tile and it will automatically show them all of the captured versions of their doc


            After their child has been subscribed to the Improvement package, parents can access their child's Doc Versions, translated to their preferred language, from within the JoeZoo app.

            Parents simply sign in, click an Assignment tile on their child's page within our app and will instantly see all captured versions of their child's doc and can click on any comment to view insights about their child's usage of its feedback.

            Doc Version Sections

            Comment Details

            In addition to capturing the exact and full content of student docs, we also capture all of the comments.

            Teachers, students and their parents can click on any highlight in a captured doc version to see what that comment contained, whether the student fully read it or listened to the feedback and how much time they spent reading or listening to it.


            If the student, their peer or a teacher use JoeZoo to grade a doc, we will display the entire graded rubric with that final doc version.

            You will see when the doc was graded, by whom and the grades and expectations that were met for each criterion in the grading rubric.

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