How to use Improvement Checklists

            In this article we show students how to use their Improvement Checklists.

            What are Improvement Checklists?

            Teacher feedback is powerful, but not when it is locked on a piece of paper or in Google comments.

            For the full power of teacher feedback to be realized, it needs to be accessible wherever and whenever students write their next assignment.

            To that end, we've created Improvement Checklists.

            These are individualized improvement prompts, that can be read or listened to, generated from the feedback they receive from all their teachers, simplified to actionable checklists.

            We generate an Improvement Checklist for each of the following Transferrable Learning Skills and then report progress to each student, their teachers and parents, if invited by teachers.
            1. Self-Editing - is the skill of fixing your writing errors before handing in docs
            2. Initiative - is the skill of clicking links within comments given by teachers
            3. Feedback Engagement - is the skill of fully reading each comment in a doc
            4. Feedback Application - is the skill of using fix tips in comments to fix docs
            5. Peer Feedback - is the skill of using a classmate's comments to edit a doc
            6. Parental Participation - is the skill of inviting parents to read your docs

            How to Access

            Improvement Checklists are a feature of the Improvement package for students.

            To turn on this feature, teachers can subscribe on behalf of each student or they can request a free pilot for their entire school

            Once activated, a student can access their Improvement Checklists whenever they open their JoeZoo Express add-on.

            Teachers will see the same checklists in their JoeZoo Express add-on as soon as they identify which student owns the doc they are viewing in Google Docs.

            How to Use

            After a student clicks on one of the Learning Skill buttons in their JoeZoo Express add-on, they will see 3 simple tips that will help them build that particular Learning Skill.

            The student can read each prompt or they can click the "Listen" button to have our app read the prompts to the student.

            As more teachers assess the student's docs and the student demonstrates their skill through the use of JoeZoo Express, these prompts evolve and become more powerful and specific.

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