How to use the JoeZoo Help Centre

            In this article we show users how to find and use how-to articles, tutorial videos or submit a support ticket in the JoeZoo Help Centre.

            How to Get to the Help Centre


            From , click the Help Centre link at the top right of every page or by clicking the Help Centre button on the contact us page.

            Google Docs Add-on 

            From JoeZoo Express , click the Help button at the top of the add-on.


            From JoeZoo's App , click the Help link at the top right of our app.

            What's in the Help Centre

            The JoeZoo Help Centre is divided into 6 sections:
            1. Installation & Set Up - articles to explain what JoeZoo is and to help a teacher, student, parent or school install and set up JoeZoo
            2. User Guides - a complete guide to ever JoeZoo tool and feature for each user type
            3. Rubrics - articles to show how-to import, create, copy and share rubrics
            4. Comments - articles to show how-to create, copy and share comment sets
            5. Monkey Checkers - articles to introduce teachers and students to our writing checkers and how to use them
            6. Feedback & Grading - articles that show teachers, students and peers to give feedback or grade with JoeZoo
            7. Feature Packages - introduction to each of the features included in our Insights and Improvement feature packages
            8. FAQ - answers to the most frequently asked questions about JoeZoo, its products and its policies
            9. Request a Feature  - a form that let's users submit feature requests to the JoeZoo support team
            10. Submit Ticket - a form that let's users submit questions or bugs to the JoeZoo support team

            How to Use the Help Centre

            To find the resource you are looking for, search using a keyword like 'rubric' or browse all resources on our home page .

            If you can't find the answers you need, please submit a support ticket .

            Who Can Submit a Support Ticket

            JoeZoo takes student privacy very seriously.  As such we do not respond to support tickets sent by students .

            Teachers, Google Administrators and parents are welcome to submit support tickets , and we ask students to ask a teacher or parent to submit a support ticket on their behalf.

            How-to Video

            Updated: 16 Mar 2019 10:38 AM
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