JoeZoo App

            In this article we explain the difference between JoeZoo's app and the JoeZoo Express add-on for Google Docs.

            There is a big difference between the JoeZoo app and the JoeZoo Express add-on, and both are required for a school, teachers and students to get the most out of JoeZoo. 

            JoeZoo's App 

            The JoeZoo app is an independent web app that runs outside G Suite for Education.  

            It needs to be installed from the   G Suite Marketplace  in a school's primary Google Domain by a Google Administrator, and enabled for teachers and students. 

            JoeZoo app is where teachers can build and share resources - like rubrics, comment sets and writing checkers - and everyone can track student and class progress. 


            Updated: 26 Sep 2019 10:10 AM
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