School or District Set Up

            In this article we will provide step by step instructions on how a Google Administrator should install and set up JoeZoo for an entire school or district.

            Step #1 - Install App

            Here are the step by step instructions for Google Administrators to install the JoeZoo app in their school's primary Google Domain.

            Follow these steps:
            1. G Suite Marketplace - go to the  G Suite Marketplace  and search 'joezoo' or directly to our page.
            2. Install App - click the Install button
            3. Enable JoeZoo - enable the JoeZoo app for all teachers and students. This step will auto-install the JoeZoo Express add-on for all saving them a huge amount of time and effort.
            For additional information about installing G Suite Marketplace apps, please visit this Google support page.

            Step #2 - Approve Support Resources

            After the JoeZoo app has been installed in a school's primary Google Domain, we recommend that the Google Administrator approve our support resources to ensure teachers and students can access them.
            1. Youtube Channel - approve teacher and student access to the how-to videos in the JoeZoo Youtube Channel. To see how to please visit this Google support page.
            2. Safe Senders List - to ensure that teachers will be able to receive our support ticket replies add '' to your school's ' Safe Senders List '.  To see how to please visit this Google support page.

            Step #3 - Turn on Teacher & Student Features

            After the JoeZoo support resources have been approved, we recommend that the Google Administrator turn on all JoeZoo's features for teachers and students.

            Follow these steps:
            1. Register - go to to register as a Google Administrator using a Google Account that has the right to administer their school's primary Google Domain
            2. Google Domain Verification - input your school's primary Google Domain and JoeZoo will ask Google to verify the JoeZoo app is installed in it
            3. Add Teachers - on the 'Teachers' tab of your school's new JoeZoo page add all teachers. Adding teachers on the 'Teachers' tab instantly turns on all JoeZoo features for teachers and their students

            Step #4 - Enable JoeZoo for Multiple Google Account Domains (optional)

            If a school or district use multiple Google Account domains for teachers (eg and students (eg, a Google Administrator will need to add those additional domains on the Domains tab of its JoeZoo page.

            Provided the JoeZoo app is installed in the school or district's primary Google domain, adding these secondary domains will also enable JoeZoo's features for users that have Google Account's in these secondary domains.

            How-to Video

            Watch this how-to video to see how to set up JoeZoo for your school or district.

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