Student Set Up

            In this article we will provide step by step instructions on how to set up JoeZoo for students. Scroll down for a video of these steps.

            Install Add-on

            Here are the step by step instructions for teachers and students to install the JoeZoo Express add-on.
            1. Click Add-ons Tab - go to the top of Google Docs and click the Add-ons tab
            2. Open JoeZoo Express - if your Google Administrator has auto-installed JoeZoo Express for your school you'll see it listed and skip to the set, if not you'll have to click Get Add-ons
            3. Search JoeZoo - if you click Get Add-ons you'll need to type 'joezoo' to search the Chrome Web Store
            4. Install JoeZoo Express - on the Chrome Web Store page click the Install button 
            5. Allow Google Permissions - click to allow Google to access the listed set of permissions, some of which JoeZoo will also access to deliver its functionality
            6. Complete Set Up - after the JoeZoo Express add-on opens to the right of your Google Doc, complete its one-time set up. 

            Student Set Up

            As soon as the JoeZoo Express add-on opens the first time after installation, teachers will need to complete a 1 question set up.

            Complete this set up step:
            1. Age - students only input their current age, and no other personal information to protect their privacy.  We use this to ensure our compliance with privacy laws like COPPAFERPA and GDPR.

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