Teacher User Guide

            In this article we show teachers how to use JoeZoo - from set up through to using our student learning insights in parent-teacher meetings.

            What is JoeZoo?

            JoeZoo is a 'next generation' assessment app that is integrated with popular Learning Management Systems, like G Suite for Education.

            To learn more about what makes JoeZoo a 'next generation' assessment app, read this article.

            Teacher & Student Benefits

            It is designed to make every aspect of assessment faster and easier for teachers, while making feedback more actionable for students.

            But don't take our word for it. Watch Tracy Purdy from EdTech Team as she explains why she recommends JoeZoo to every teacher.

            All-in-One Assessment App

            Traditionally, teachers spend a lot of time using multiple apps, mediums (online and print) and steps to manage the assessment process.  That results in the loss of a lot of teacher time and effort.

            JoeZoo believes that teacher time is very valuable, so we made ours an all-in-one app. 

            Assessment Tools

            It contains every tool that teachers and students need for both formative and summative assessments.
            • Rubric Builder - use our interactive builder to create re-usable and shareable rubrics for grading inside Google apps within a few minutes
            • Comment Set Builder - use our preloaded comment sets or build your own to give formative feedback for any subject or grade level
            • Writing Checker - use our Monkey Checker to automatically highlight spelling, grammar and mechanics errors so you can free your time for higher order feedback
            • Text-to-Speech Commenting Tool - our text comments are faster than Google's, can be listened to as well as read by students and provide teachers with engagement analytics in real-time
            • Voice Commenting Tool - teachers can record personalized voice comments to save time and increase student engagement
            • Grading Tool - our app let's you grade with a few clicks and record Voice Messages for students, right inside Google Docs, no need to print student docs to grade them by hand

            Insight & Improvement Features

            By using JoeZoo, everyone - teachers, students, parents and schools - can gain access to insights about how each student learns and proof of the learning skills their building from assignment to assignment, across all their classes.
            • Comment Clouds - we track all of the comments given to each student and class so teachers can track competencies and better plan their lessons
            • Doc Versions - assignments are processes so our app auto-captures 'before & after' versions of docs so there is proof of each student's efforts on each step
            • Improvement Checklists - to prove whether formative feedback is effective, we track student engagement of comments and even if they apply the feedback within them to improve their docs
            • Grade Tracking - to save teachers more time, our app auto-generates interactive charts to make progress tracking for classes and students easy 

            Installation & Set Up

            Setting up JoeZoo is quite easy, but does differ by user type.

            Teacher Set Up

            For instructions on how to install and set up JoeZoo as a teacher, read this article.

            Student Set Up

            For instructions on how to set up JoeZoo as a student, read this article.

            School/District Set Up

            For instructions on how to install and set up JoeZoo for an entire school or school district, its Google Administrator should read this article.

            Getting Started

            Once a teacher has completed their JoeZoo set up, we recommend that they complete the following steps before assessing their first assignment.

            Step #1 - Add Classes

            So that JoeZoo can keep student and class assessment data organized, we ask teachers to add their classes and then their students.

            There are 2 ways to add classes to JoeZoo. Click on one to see how to:
            1. Connect Google Classroom
            2. Input Classes Manually

            Step #2 - Add Assignments

            Assignments are very important in JoeZoo.  We use them to group student assessment data and to report class and student progress.

            There are 2 ways to add assignments to JoeZoo. Click on one to see how to:
            1. Sync Google Classroom
            2. Input Assignments Manually

            Step #3 - Create Rubrics

            Adding rubrics to JoeZoo are easy and fast.

            There are 3 ways to add rubrics to JoeZoo.  Click on one to see how to:
            1. Import Rubrics
            2. Copy Pre-built Rubrics
            3. Create a New Rubric

            Step #4 - Create Comment Sets

            JoeZoo is designed to help teachers of any subject and at any grade level give higher quality feedback, faster and more easily than using Google comments.

            There are 3 ways to add comments to JoeZoo.  Click on one to see how to:
            1. Customize 93 Pre-loaded Comments
            2. Copy Pre-built Comment Sets
            3. Create New Comments

            Assessing Docs

            JoeZoo is designed to make it easy and fast for teachers and students to give feedback and grade inside G Suite for Education.

            To see how to use JoeZoo Express to assess a doc, click on one these how-to articles:
            1. Teacher Feedback & Grading
            2. Self Feedback & Grading
            3. Peer Feedback & Grading

            Viewing Comments and Grades

            As soon as a doc is assessed with JoeZoo, the comments and graded rubric are instantly available to the students without any effort from teachers.

            To see how students should view comments and grades, read this how to article.

            Additionally, as a teacher assesses all student docs, all of their comments and grades they've given roll up to their Class page.  There they can track student and class progress easily.

            Exporting Grading Data

            To save teachers time and a lot of effort, JoeZoo automatically tracks and organizes student assessment data.  Teachers can export that organized data for each assignment from JoeZoo to their Google Drive as a formatted Google Sheets file.

            To see how to export grading data from JoeZoo, read this how to article.

            Managing JoeZoo Account

            To manage details in your JoeZoo account, you can follow the steps in this article.

            Support & Professional Development Resources

            JoeZoo prioritizes teacher training and support and offers a variety of helpful resources.

            For Professional Development (PD) training, teachers can find which local Google Certified Educators include JoeZoo training in their G Suite for Education programs by using this search tool.

            For all our how-to articles or to submit a support ticket, teachers can use our Help Centre.

            Updated: 28 Jan 2019 12:26 AM
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