What is JoeZoo?

            In this article we explain what JoeZoo is, how it's integrated with Google and introduce its tools and features.

            What is JoeZoo

            JoeZoo  is a 'smart' assessment technology, powered by  Machine Learning , a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

            It turns data - from assessments, teacher feedback and student usage of feedback - into automated improvement prompts to help students build  21st Century Skills  (also known as  Essential Skills  or  Global Competencies ), all while reducing teacher feedback and grading efforts by 80%.

            G Suite for Education Integration

            JoeZoo is seamlessly integrated with the following Google apps:
            1. Google Docs  - offering every tool to give feedback and grade without having to leave Google Docs
            2. Google Sheets  - offering an easy way for Google Administrators and teachers and easy way to import users in bulk
            3. Google Drive  - automatically exports assessment data to each teacher's Google Drive as formatted Google Sheets files
            4. Google Classroom  - imports and synchronizes classes, students and assignments to save teachers the effort
            5. Google OUs  - imports and synchronizes teachers from any Organizational Units selected by Google Administrators

            Assessment Tools

            It offers every feedback and grading tool that teachers and students need to save time and effort within G Suite for Education.  
            1. Rubric Builder - visually guided tool to create and share any type of rubric for grading, paperlessly, within G Suite for Education
            2. Comment Set Builder - visually guided tool to create and share any type of rubric for grading, paperlessly, within G Suite for Education
            3. Writing Checker - Machine Learning powered tool that analyzes each student's writing processes, efforts and submissions to help teachers assess them better, in a fraction of the time
            4. Commenting Tool - tool that let's teachers and students add text, text-to-speech and voice comments to any Google Doc, and track student engagement and application of feedback
            5. Grading Tool - tool that let's teachers and students grade student submissions, inside Google Docs, in fewer steps in less time

            JoeZoo  Express  Add-on

            Teacher time and effort is valuable so we deliver our feedback and grading tools right inside Google Docs via our add-on, JoeZoo  Express .  

            It can be installed manually by each teacher and student from our  Chrome Web Store page  or it can be installed and updated automatically for entire school or district if a Google Administrator installs our app from our  G Suite Marketplace page .

            Now teachers can assess a doc and students can engage rich feedback without ever leaving Google Docs.

            JoeZoo App

            JoeZoo app is an independent web application that is located at  JoeZooApp.com .

            Here teachers can create, manage and share assessment resources - rubrics and comment sets - and track class and student progress on interactive dashboards.

            Updated: 28 Sep 2019 02:19 PM
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